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Party of The Week: Pirate Party of Russia

Posted On: Mon, 2010-10-25 13:14 by Jay

This week's Pirate Party of the Week is the Pirate Party of Russia.

Will the Pirate Party of Russia participate in any upcoming elections? Please tell us about your expectations for the next elections you will participate in.

We will participate, but not in national elections, we'll start at the local level. To participate in national elections we need to be registered as a political party, and for that we need 45 thousand registered members and approval from the Ministry of Justice. The Ministry of Justice approval is impossible to get without support from the ruling "elite", thus, participation in federal elections in Russia can only be achieved through coalitions with active parties. If we get this support and achieve registration, we'll of course be aiming to take part in all elections.
Currently, PPRU candidates are nominating themselves at local (municipal) elections.

What are the core topics of the Pirate Party of Russia? Are there topics that are unique to the Pirate Party of Russia, something that distinguishes them from other Pirate Parties?

The Russian Pirate Party's positions may be characterized by a very strong emphasis on civil rights and freedom of speech, which arises from the situation in current Russia (a low development of civic society institutes struggling against a ruling "elite" with high power). Thus, mechanisms of civil interaction have to be built up practically from scratch, and the development of the internet provides a crucial aid to that, as the problem of vast spatial differences can be solved, at least in the informational sense.
Partial cooperation with the "ruling elite" is possible as we have common problems, just different final goals.

Tell us more about the inner structure of PP-Russia.

The ruling organ is the "Federal convention headquarters" (currently known as the organizing committee). PPRU is not keen on promoting the designation of "Federal convention headquarters" as it won't do any good, the state's political activity is traditionally orchestrated and the citizens are skeptical or indifferent towards any ruling institutes.

At the moment the real structure of PPRU can be described as follows:
- Organizing committee (active party members)
- Registered party members
- Citizens and organizations which support the party's goals, among them members of the ruling "elite", other active and committed parties, organizations and movements.

The party's history is described in detail in Ilya Kravtsov's article (in Russian):

If you think 5 years ahead, what will be different compared to today's situation?

During the next 5 years the development of the informational infrastructure will lead to the creation of functioning civil society on a local level. The possibilities of network-based broadcasting will lead the ruling "elite" to accept local autonomous rules as they will prove to be more efficient than centralized manipulation.

Also, integration in the WTF will lead to the creation of a common legal space which will, in turn, make different parties to compete in a common economic field.

The democratic development will be focused on finding mechanisms of collaborative decision-making which allow for practical moderation on the level of applying the results.

How do you manage to keep your financial balance? Do you have any special fund-raising methods? How can people support PP-Russia?

PPRU has no financial balance. We accept donations, but the amounts are currently very small. We plan on founding an association by the end of the year to be able to manage financial affairs officially. This association should manage the economical activity of the movement in preparation for an official party founding.

How many members does PP-Russia have at the moment? Can foreigners become members of PP- Russia?

We have 1500 party members and 15000 registered supporters.
Russian law forbids to accept foreigners to become members of political parties. However, other organizational forms allow that, and we're planning to use that widely, especially for the Russian-speaking internet zone.

Something Else?

What we need from the PPI in the first place is a unified information resources providing political and legal information on our core topics. PPRU will gladly localize and translate materials provided by a resource of that kind. Especially news aggregators like "World Pirate Party news" and "World Pirate-topics-related news" would be extremely helpful.

PPRU suggests that the PPI should make an official request to the Government of the Russian Federation to act as an expert organization and "opinion maker" on internet matters. The momentum can also be used to initiate a European counterpart to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Welcome to the Russia! )))

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