French Pirate Party and Translation of Dec. of Principles

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French Pirate Party and Translation of Dec. of Principles

Postby nname25 » Tue Jul 18, 2006 4:38 pm


I just wanted to let everyone know that the French Pirate Party has opened a forum in English for International contact. There is also an ongoing translation of the Swedish Pirate Party declaration of Principles that has seen much activity on the forum and has its' own Wiki page now.

Cooperation with France and French-speaking countries is very important, because these groups are close to the power centers of the European Union. Sweden, as an EU member will be affected by harmonization of laws within the EU.

The French Pirate Party's English Forum

The Declaration of Principles Translation Project (see also the English forum)
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Postby gustafsd » Tue Jul 18, 2006 5:02 pm

The problem is that you haveto be registered to even read it, and i dont know any french, so i can´t register...
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Postby Xyleborus » Thu Aug 17, 2006 8:42 pm

Well, it's ok now:

and for international part:

You're all welcome on our forum :wink:
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