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Welcome text on front page

Postby infinite_emma » Sun Oct 01, 2006 6:59 pm

Figured it was probably prudent to put up a discuss on what that box should contain.

As PPI in no way is a "head organisation" for all pirate parties around the world, it wasn't really correct to use the word "umbrella organisation". For lack of better ideas I've put this up, meanwhile:

PP International (PPI) is a collective for the Pirate Party movement around the world. PPI offers a common resource for international collaboration, and can provide help to form a local party in your country.

This can be subjected to change, obviously, and would like to see more input on the subject.

I think it's important not to give impression on that PPI somehow is in controll over all national PPs around the world, but the opposite, more like support for international collaboration. Just like I'm not the "boss of PPI" which somebody jokingly called me earlier! :D

Quite possibly PPI will become it's "own entity" down the road, but I feel, personally, that this is not the case at this moment in time. Please put up your opinion on the matter!
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