The Future Of Pirates Worldwide

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The Future Of Pirates Worldwide

Postby XxrockthedrumsxX » Mon Nov 19, 2007 4:23 am

Fellow Pirates, I bring to you news and posts for around the web on hopes that i can get a good political standpoint on this subject. I am of course taking about the purchase of an island to host servers and help in the freedom of pirates worldwide. Below are ideas and factors from pirates around the web.

"I am XxrockthedrumsxX and i am an avid Pirate. I plan to help bring all pirates all around the world together and to make the Pirates of this world the strongest force right next to the major corporations. Imagine what we could do if all the Pirates were brought together...not just Warez Admins who are "friendly" with each other but ALL the Admins and Captains both from Warez communities/families and Torrent networks and every Pirate world wide!

I could talk to the admins of many Warez sites to see who else could be a major contributor. Just imagine what could be possible if the major Warez and Torrent networks teamed up to buy their own island. It would be one of the largest steps ever for Pirates worldwide.

Just imagine if we could do it. The Pirates of the world uniting to have their own island, their own fucking country. No longer should we have to put up with all the different corporations bullshit and have to move our servers from one country to the next TIME AFTER TIME! If we were able to bring the pirates of the world TOGETHER, than it actually would be real, it would actually be possible!

Right now theres no way...theres no way that just one or two site admins could do it...but if we actually came together for one cause...the impossible could be possible.

What do you guys think?


"If this geopolitical theory holds true, why not try to host the servers in Venezuela? After all, weren't they willing to give cheap heating oil to poor Americans just to piss off George W. Bush?

Why not write an impassioned plea to President Chavez and ask him to support the underprivileged file sharers of the world by allowing us a haven in Venezuela? In return we promise to only pirate applications and media where First World corporations hold the copyrights (or are headquartered in countries with anti-expropriation agreements with the USA). This way in order to have any petition the MAFIAA companies would have to expose themselves by incorporating in some poor, underdeveloped country and thereby get subjected to insane levels of taxation or be escorted out at the point of an AK-47... kind of like a reverse tax shelter.

Venezuela may be compelled to shut us down eventually, but the people of some poor, Latin American country will get new schools as a result, and Chavez will always find some new reason to let us back in... and of course the price will keep escalating higher and higher until the MAFIAA realizes that it's more profitable to simply leave us alone.

In the meanwhile though, if we can endure temporary outages, we'll be improving the world as a result.

Great discussion for the Pirate Party International"

"Sounds a bit Marxist, but by all means...

You must consider, of course, that purchasing an island is but a fraction of the costs it would take to attain absolute pirate freedom. Costs for buildings and other structures, water, electricity, and sewage alone would cost hundreds of millions; possibly billions if you really wanted a nice island. Then of course, you need to find a way launch the DemonSat which would broadcast wireless torrent communications between Demonbay Island's servers and Internet satellite hubs, unless you can find a way to run miles upon miles of hard line cable to the mainland. Regardless, that will cost millions. And then you need to spend billions of dollars to protect your island from all the corporate and government attempts to shut you down. I'm not talking about legal issues, no, no... your island is out in the middle of nowhere (somewhere in international waters), and that means there are no rules. The U.S. government (or any government for that matter) could send a covert force to sabotage your island; perhaps even send in a few ships... instead of Marines on the shores of Tripoli, it'll be the shores of Demonbay Island! Your only hope will be to build your own military defense force to combat all the fuckers out to get you. Who knows what the big corporations might do. Send hired assassins, James Bond wannabes, or even corporate ninjas (should such things exist)... all for the purpose of putting Demonbay Island out of commission, and your life with it!

So... pirates of the world, unite! Grin

You could always settle in with the Columbian drug lords..."

"A nice idea in theory for sure. But I highly doubt that it would be any form of military strike against it that would be the biggest worry. Lets talk embargoes against this sovereign nation. Kinda hard to be self-sufficient when most of the worlds major suppliers won't even allow supplies like food, sanitary needs, or anything of the sort to get in. There is a major difference if you are a large country who doesn't necessarily have to worry about countries like the US and UK giving you the shaft and if your country is just getting off the ground."

"Well hell if you are talking about launching a satellite to help host the server on an island you might as well launch a couple and have the servers ON the satellites running on solar power.

That way you could go one step further and offer direct connections to the satellites via a proxy server which could be hosted ANYWHERE.

Expensive though."

"A much better idea. The question is, which company will fund the building of such satellites and launch them; or will the pirates of the world have to rely on "contributions" forever?"

"I see the suggestion of a needed military defense has sparked quite a fuss in only 2 hours. Dave Agnos understands completely I think and has illumidated in depth why self policed defense would be the ONLY defense. Yes theoretical protection of international law is lovely but means nothing without enforcement and a full time vigilant security force which is completely impractical as it could be defeated by a small well planed rocket delivered bombing. The perpetrators would likely abscond and no serious world power would care. Oh and getting in bed with Venezuelans is surely worse as they would love nothing more than to hand over the "pirates" to the highest bidder, except for handling the executions themselves. Of course Deimos is certainly not one to be "Executed Venezuelan drug lord". Just forget that. Like I said none of these people want to meet a pirates end."

"Satellite based servers eh? Maybe, but repair would be about impossible. Also the land link transceiver must reside somewhere, unless everyone in Demonoid will get a direct to satellite dish. A unilaterally supported embargo of said island would be unlikely implemented and even if it were, supplies would be brought in by island based boats or aircraft.
I think none of this is going to happen. I don't question the moral standing or promise keeping ability of Deimos or other potential operators but I do question the faith of the community. Why would we as a whole donate the kind of money it would require to something so likely to fail and perhaps so deserving of failure. Donate money on the honor system to the cause of organized thieves: Is there honor among thieves? Does intellectual property really belong to everyone for free? What do authors deserve? To be bent over and....?
I am one of you and stand self accused. Still, do you want to donate to the "cause" because is so just and wholesome?"

These were the best replies that i found regarding this matter. Please feel free to speak openly about this topic. I will respond to every word and notify others of the decisions and replies here.
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Postby Jouni Snellman » Sun Nov 25, 2007 3:28 pm

Venezuela is an excellent target for sure. But why not Russia or the Arab world? They too should have some oil money to spend.
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Postby XxrockthedrumsxX » Mon Nov 26, 2007 10:12 am

Russia is a promising place to go, but things may be too rough there at the moment. The same goes for most of the Arab world...which country would you think would be promising?
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Postby Jouni Snellman » Mon Nov 26, 2007 11:56 am

I don't know, maybe Russia because it is in the Russian economic interest to establish a credible democracy in the EU.
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Postby fseanb » Mon Nov 26, 2007 5:29 pm

what dose any of this have to do with PPI?
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Postby XxrockthedrumsxX » Mon Nov 26, 2007 9:31 pm

About Russia: Well they say they want one, but the fact that this is the second time theve tried an election...yet its still rigged. Idk maybe i could try talking to the Russian Prime Minister or whoever they have there sifting through mail.

To fseanb: read my entire post...seems pretty obvious to me.
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PP Venezuela

Postby dorvax » Tue Nov 23, 2010 3:46 am

I want to know how began to operate a PP in my country, I'm from Venezuela and i'm interested in the PPI
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