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Pirates Have Launched A Web Site With Links. They Risk Dissolution And A Fine Of Millions Of Euros!

Posted On: Mon, 2011-07-04 07:36 by valio

The Czech Pirate Party launched a web site www.piratskefilmy.cz, where people can find 20,000 links to more than 5,800 movies. The movies themselves are not located on the web site. By publishing the links, the Pirates are bringing attention to the absurd case of a high school student in Liberec who has been harassed by the Czech Anti-Pirate Union and the police. Publication of links on the Internet is not a crime. The number of links on the web site of the Pirate Party exceeds roughly ten times the number of links on the Liberec student’s web site.

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Police confiscate German Pirate Party's servers

Posted On: Fri, 2011-05-20 13:17 by Dichter

In the morning of May 20th 2011, German police confiscated a number of servers of the German Pirate Party which are provided by AixIT in Offenbach, for a French investigation.The action follows a request for help issued by French authorities.
On that matter, the Board stated:

The Board of the Pirate Party of Germany will support, within it's legal obligations, the French authorities in their investigation. Access to the technical infrastructure has been provided as far as necessary for the investigation. Thereby, the targeted search for specific datasets should be established.

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Pirate Parties mirror Wikileaks to support whistleblowing worldwide

Posted On: Sun, 2010-12-05 19:37 by Jay

Pirate Parties from around the world, including the Pirate Parties International members from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Serbia reaffirmed their commitment to whistleblowing worldwide. Concerned about freedom of information, opinion and press, the Pirate Parties have decided in a joint resolution to make Wikileaks available on a worldwide distributed mirroring infrastructure. The mirrors will guarantee that the release of US diplomatic cables can continue and previous publications will stay online.

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Party of The Week: Pirate Party of Catalonia

Posted On: Mon, 2010-11-15 07:00 by Jay

This week's Pirate Party of the Week is the Pirate Party of Catalonia.

What are your expectations for the upcoming elections? Dou you think you can enter into Parliament? Tell us about the specifics of the election system.

To enter the Catalan Parliament we need at least 3% of the votes. Counting the last elections, that is aproximately 80.000 votes, also it depends on the participation levels, usually low.
We can do it, and we want to; however, it's not going to be easy at all, we must work hard and make a lot of noise.

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Party of The Week: Pirate Party of Russia

Posted On: Mon, 2010-10-25 13:14 by Jay

This week's Pirate Party of the Week is the Pirate Party of Russia.

Will the Pirate Party of Russia participate in any upcoming elections? Please tell us about your expectations for the next elections you will participate in.

We will participate, but not in national elections, we'll start at the local level. To participate in national elections we need to be registered as a political party, and for that we need 45 thousand registered members and approval from the Ministry of Justice. The Ministry of Justice approval is impossible to get without support from the ruling "elite", thus, participation in federal elections in Russia can only be achieved through coalitions with active parties. If we get this support and achieve registration, we'll of course be aiming to take part in all elections.

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©oPirates - Interactive performance in Muffathalle Munich and on the Web

Posted On: Thu, 2010-10-21 09:53 by Jay

On 22 and 23 20:30 October in Munich in Muffathalle © oPirates a party will take place by Richard Siegal. ©oPirates is an artistic experiment that deals with issues of our society that touches the Pirate Parties as well:

In what way does the body inhabit the community? How does the body react to politics? Which language does the body create when it comes in contact with the others? How is the longing for community expressed in everyday life, and what form will it take in the mastered performances of physically highly sensitized dancers? What are the limits of exchange and sharing? Is it possible to be oneself and to share oneself at the same time?

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Call for offers to host the next PPI conference

Posted On: Mon, 2010-10-04 18:51 by Jay

Avast, Pirates!

We are looking for a port to dock to for our next big assembly!

The Pirate Parties International calls for offers to host the next annual PPI conference and General Assembly.

According to the statutes of the PPI, the General Assembly of the PPI meets once a year. That means the next PPI conference will be held in 2011. The board of the PPI is now looking for Pirate Parties that want to host the next conference and General Assembly.

You can find a list of requirements for your offer and more information on the conference on our wiki page: http://wiki.pp-international.net/Conference-offers

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The PPI translation task force needs your help!

Posted On: Fri, 2010-10-01 12:17 by Jay

Dear Pirates,

The PPI Translation Task Force (TTF) needs your help.

Do you speak more than one language? Do you want to help Pirates from all over the world? If so, please join the TTF and help us translate.

The TTF aims to provide translation services to every Pirate and Pirate organization that needs them. Among other things, the Task Force plans to help with:

  • The translation of current Pirate news from all over the world into English,
  • Translations of large-scale international projects into as many languages as possible (e.g. ACTA and INDECT),
  • The localization of print materials for use by Pirate Parties worldwide.
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Your faces against ACTA!

Posted On: Wed, 2010-09-29 15:29 by Jay

Ahoy Pirates,

By the end of this year the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is going to be finalised and the treaty will be ratified as soon as possible. We know what consequences this agreement will have on us: restrictions of civil rights due to the greed of the content mafia, who are trying to save their outdated business models in the digital age by doing so.

This site aims to help visualise the resistance against the phantoms of ACTA. Everyone should see how numerous we are and that we are real people! We need faces! Faces against ACTA! We need your face! Show your face on http://faces-against-acta.net/

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Party of The Week: Pirate Party of Kazakhstan

Posted On: Tue, 2010-09-14 18:04 by Jay

This week's Pirate Party of the Week is the Pirate Party of Kazakhstan.

Will the Pirate Party of Kazakhstan participate in any upcoming elections? Please tell us about your expectations for the next elections you will participate in

We're planning to participate in the communal elections where members of the local govenrment bodies, the maslikhats, are elected. To register a political party in Kazakhstan you need to collect 40 thousand signatures, and the party has to be present in at least 2/3 of the major cities and settlements. The communal elections can be announced at any time as the currently elected members may lose their mandates for a number of reasons, thus the elections don't have a fixed time plan. The national elections to the mejlis - the Parliament of Kazakhstan - are scheduled for 2012.

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