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PPI GA is going to be in Kazan

Posted On: Wed, 2013-01-09 20:09 by Lola

The next PPI GA is going to take place in Kazan, Tatarstan Republic, Russian Federation. The exact dates will be announced within 2 weeks. The minutes of the PPI board meeting and voting where Kazan was chosen can be found in our Wiki

Considering the wishes of PPI members, the board have chosen the most distanced location. We have received the offers from Paris, France; Kaliningrad, Russia; Potsdam, Germany and Kazan, Russia. Unfortunately there were no offers from outside of Europe this year. Even though geographically Kazan still lies in Europe, it's gonna be the first PPI GA outside EU. Participants are going to enjoy the unforgettable mixture of European and Asian cultures. More information can be found in their offer.

Paul Rassudov, Chairman of Pirate Party of Russia says: "We are honored to welcome Pirates from all over the world in Kazan this year for the PPI General Assembly! Rest assured that we will accommodate you with our most delicious regional dishes and prepare the best possible experience in one of the most exciting regions of Russia - Tatarstan Republic. For us as Pirate Party Russia it is an important political signal to host this international Pirate event when for over 4 years now the Russian government refused to recognize our party. The meeting of Pirates from all over the world in Kazan will prove that Pirate Party of Russia is part of a growing and important international movement."

The PPI board would like to thank all the members, who submitted their offers, congratulate Kazan Pirates, and welcome the volunteers to help organizing the next PPI General Assembly!

The conference registration is now open - please use the official registration form on

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