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PirateCon UK 2012

Posted On: Mon, 2012-07-16 20:26 by Lola

The Pirate Party UK invites you to their annual Conference in London on the 16th of September 2012:

"The conference is an important date in Pirate Politics in the UK, if you can make it you will have the opportunity to take part in debates, hear about what has been happening within the UK party and help shape our agenda and approach for the coming year. You'll be able to get involved in panel discussion, arrange to attend training events, network with other pirates, exchange experiences and have your say on our policy and direction.

Last year's conference was an excellent opportunity for us all to put faces to web handles, it reminded many of us why we got involved in the movement in the first place. As with last year, this year it will be a unique opportunity to meet other members, candidates, researchers and all those other people who are involved with the party in one way or another, Both in the UK and from abroad.

It would be great to see you if you are able to attend but as we have limited space, we will need to know fairly soon if you intend to be there. More information, including about fringe events and social get togethers is available at conference.pirateparty.org.uk, with more being added as we set it up."

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