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2012 french national elections: 101 Pirate candidates are standing by to board the French Republic

Posted On: Sun, 2012-06-03 21:25 by Dichter

The French Pirate Party is ready to join the battle for the parliamentary elections, during which citizens will elect the members of the French parliament.

The upcoming weeks will be those of all opportunities for the French Pirate Party. Let's put it bluntly: it's getting hectic.

Thanks to a significant mobilisation, the French Pirate Party has granted its investiture to 101 candidates [1].

The stake of this ballot is the renewal of the 577 deputies of the National Assembly. These parliamentary elections, whose first round will happen on June 10th, will be particularly important as the parliament's majority will effectively appoint the government, by granting it its confidence. That's how the French Republic works: the people elects the President, who puts in place a temporary government, then the same people elects its deputies, who will establish the orientation of the government for the five years to come.

The media exposure brought by the parliamentary elections has already had significant consequences for the PP-FR : its membership almost tripled within a few weeks (see the chart), and the PP-FR is now numbering over 550 members, it has more than 20 000 followers on twitter and its forums are always full of contributors.

Variations of the number of members: http://partipirate.org/images/adherents-parti-pirate-2012-05-25.png

Within a few days, the French Pirate Party has seen its notoriety grow after being mentioned in several national newspapers. Its substantive work on the electronic vote via Internet, pointing out its defects, reached out to a wide audience. Hundreds of testimonies echoing severe malfunctions are shared on its website: [Link in french].

Its program, drafted and voted by its members, can be found on the election campaign's website [5]. The French Pirate Party puts forward five main topics during these elections :
Legalization of sharing
Fight against abusive registration of the population
Independence of justice
Making public data openly available
Transparency in politics

National Website: http://www.partipirate.org/

In order to contact the candidates, you can find their contact details directly on their campaign websites, at [Link in French].

The French Pirate Party
29 May 2012

Links :
[1] http://legislatives.partipirate.org/2012/liste-officielle/
[2] https://twitter.com/PartiPirate
[3] http://partipirate.org/adherer/
[4] http://partipirate.org/images/adherents-parti-pirate-2012-05-25.png
[5] http://legislatives.partipirate.org/2012/

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